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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

How to get back into a workout routine (after a long break)

How to get back into a workout routine (after a long break)?

You can begin or ease back into an exercise program whenever you want. Here’s how to start. 

1 - Start slow:

It’s a good idea to establish your current baseline fitness level before starting an exercise plan. This allows you to find an exercise regime that is comfortable for you. Plus, it gives you a base to track your progress.

2 - Do something fun:

Most people find the gym boring. You might find yourself falling off the wagon quickly if your workout routine is repeatitive and boring. 

A good option is to join a group fitness activity like a Toronto kickboxing class. That way you enjoy fun camaraderie with others while getting into shape.

3 - Give you body time:

It is also important to pace yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself on the days you struggle or couldn't find the motivation to workout. Just stay consistent, and trust the journey.

As the saying goes - "you don't need to be great to start. But you have to start in other to be great."